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This is the {{ambox}} or Article message box meta-template.

It is used to build article message box templates such as {{style}}. It offers several different colours, uses default images if no image parameter is given, and has some other features.

This template is a derived work. It is, however, NOT exactly the same as Wikipedia's template of the same name! All CSS has been integrated into the template, and therefore some features are not available. However it is still a very useful template!

Usage Instructions[सम्पादन]

Example to display a notice:

 | type  = notice
 | text  = There's an issue with this page!
 | fix   = To fix it, you can edit!

The code above should return:

The type parameter defines the colour of the left bar, and the image that is used by default. The type is chosen not on aesthetics but is based on the type of issue that the template describes. The seven available types and their default images are shown below.

The box and text will not appear in printed copies of pages; this is by design, as page maintenance notices are only of value if the user is online and able to edit the page to fix the issues.

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